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How Body Shops Work With Insurance Claims

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After a car accident next logical step is to contact your insurance agency and file a damage claim. Large portion of vehicle repairs we perform involves insurance claims. Every insurance provider has similar claim process and almost identical payout criteria. From the moment claims adjustor visits your vehicle to assess the damage, to supplemental billing, to the final payment to collision center after all repairs are completed. 
You may be surprised, but among all the parties involved in the vehicle repair process only collision center is the one who can possibly help customer to get proper compensation and the highest quality finished product.

Claim And Follow Up Process of Vehicle Repair 

In most cases to get your car repaired after you’ve been involved in an accident or minor collision, you would call your auto insurance and start a claim process. After damage is assessed and claim is approved you want to be sure that the San Diego body shop you choose is working for you and has your back in case unexpected problems arise during repair process.
Our responsibility to you, our customer, is to deliver the highest quality repairs possible, regardless if repair bill was paid by insurance claim or direct cash payment. We work for you and answer to you - not insurance company. 

Customer Choice To Pick Body Shop Of Their Choice

As a part of the streamlined insurance claim process and to make it easier for customers, insurance companies already have body shops in their network (DRP) with negotiated lower rates and acceptable repair quality standards. While it is an option to get your car fixed, it is not a mandatory choice consumer has to choose. In the state of California Consumer Bill of Rights protects customers from being taken for a ride and assures that consumers have right to select any body shop of their choice outside of insurers network, regardless how big or small the shop is. Although in order to become Direct Repair Provider (DRP) for an Insurance company a body shop must qualify and pass several stringent requirements it is still the shop in agreement with insurer to perform repairs that does not exceed set prices. 
These types of body shops may not put Customers best interest First over the insurance agency. You want your car repaired at the shop that has your best interest.

Safe and High Quality Auto Body Repair

Bumper Finish Collision Repair is an independent body shop in San Diego and we offer full range of collision repair services from scheduling a tow truck to frame work. We work with all insurance companies to reach best outcome for our customers. As a vehicle owner you expect to receive your vehicle in the same pre-accident condition with same level of safety and operating as expected. We strive to use OEM vehicle parts when replacing broken body panels, broken glass, lamps and bumpers. Many insurance companies would prefer save the cost and recommend your vehicle to the body shop where aftermarket generic parts will be used. 
Insurance spends less money on the claim – Win, Body shop gets paid – Win, you don’t save anything and you get your vehicle back with substandard repairs, non branded generic parts and mismatched paint quality.

We Negotiate Isurance Claims For Your Benefit

At Bumper Finish Collision Repair you will be getting highest quality repairs together with original equipment manufacturer parts and your repaired vehicle comes with Lifetime Warranty on paint finishes and auto body repairs. We work with most insurance providers and will negotiate reasonable rates to provide you with quality repairs to safely restore your vehicle to its previous condition. Contact us to discuss how we could help you with our deductible assistance program.


Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions about body and paint repair.

May I use an auto repair shop of my choice for insured repairs?

Yes. Consumers have the right to go to the auto shop of their choice and get their own repair estimate. They are not required to use a direct repair program offered by their insurance company. Policyholders should talk to their insurance company about their specific procedures. Customer has the right to choose what type of parts can be used to repair their vehicles Generic parts, CAPA parts or OEM parts.

Do your repair cracked bumpers?

In most cases we make attempt to repair original plastic bumper. With advanced tools and techniques it is possible to seal and fill cracked bumper repairs.

Can you buff out scratches on car paint?

Yes, buffing with compound and polishing is a proper way to restore clear coat and prepare for protective sealer like wax, teflon or ceramic coatings.

Can you match factory paint color? 

Yes, our specialist experienced painters use many different blending systems to achieve the closet match possible.

Do you offer crashed vehicle storage?

Yes, after severe accident you not be able to store your vehicle in your apartment complex or on city street. We have indoor and outdoor temporary vehicle storage in our body shop.

Do you repair aluminum vehicle parts?

Yes, we can repair aluminum parts and body panels if repair is feasible or replacement part are too costly.

How much does it cost to repair scratched bumper?

Bumper repair varies from just filling and painting a scratch to dent pulling price range from $150 to $300.

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