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We would love to help you repair your vehicle at our body shop. After fender bender or serious accident you may want to look for a body shop in San Diego that has your back and will go extra mile to make time, while your car is in the shop, less stressful. We aid our customers with car loaners and convenient pick up and drop off. Our shop is conveniently located in San Diego right off University ave and Interstate 15 in Mid-City, just 5-10 minute drive from Mission Valley.

Types Of Car Repair At Body Shop

When your car has a dent or a scratch in the paint it’s very obvious that you would just take your car to a body shop and have no doubt that they will be able to repair it. Most automotive body shops will repair dents in body panels, dented fenders, or fix paint scratches. If your car also sustained damage on suspension or mechanical parts, then it might be more troublesome to find body shop near me that can repair cars body, paint and all other problems like broken axle or cracked condenser. Most body shops will use outside vendors for services like wheel alignment, glass and windshield installation and on board vehicle computer programming / resetting.

San Diego Body Shop Repair Aluminum Parts

Most new vehicles have several body panels manufactured from lightweight aluminum. Aluminum materials could be used on a few parts like hood and tailgate to make car lighter and improve fuel efficiency. Although most new car manufacturer have at least one or two parts made of aluminum, there are vehicle brands like Tesla or Audi  that in order to achieve substantial vehicle weight reduction, all exterior body panels are aluminum, including doors and some sections of the frame.

If your vehicle got damaged and parts to be repaired are aluminum parts, not all San Diego Body Shops work or are able to repair aluminum even if it’s just a small bended corner. Call Bumper Finish Collision Repair, we may be able to repair aluminum parts like hood, trunk lid or fender. In some cases it would be more beneficial to customer to have the part repaired rather than replaced. For example if damaged rear quarter panel could be repaired, you would avoid total panel replacement which involves cutting out and reinstalling side and rear glass, separating factory spot welding and welding back new panel, using body filler to hide panel cuts and reapplying structural adhesive.



Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions about body and paint repair.

Do your repair cracked bumpers?

In most cases we make attempt to repair original plastic bumper. With advanced tools and techniques it is possible to seal and fill cracked bumper repairs.

Can you buff out scratches on car paint?

Yes, buffing with compound and polishing is a proper way to restore clear coat and prepare for protective sealer like wax, teflon or ceramic coatings.

Can you match factory paint color? 

Yes, our specialist experienced painters use many different blending systems to achieve the closet match possible.

Do you offer crashed vehicle storage?

Yes, after severe accident you not be able to store your vehicle in your apartment complex or on city street. We have indoor and outdoor temporary vehicle storage in our body shop.

Do you repair aluminum vehicle parts?

Yes, we can repair aluminum parts and body panels if repair is feasible or replacement part are too costly.

How much does it cost to repair scratched bumper?

Bumper repair varies from just filling and painting a scratch to dent pulling price range from $150 to $300.

Bumper Finish Collision Repair San Diego

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