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Mobile Bumper Repair San Diego

Mobile Bumper and Paint Repair - We Come To You

Bumper scrapes and dent could happen very unexpected. Pulling out of narrow parking stall, pulling up to curbside with taller than average curb or hitting loose debris on the highway – these just a few cases how our customers incur vehicle bumper damage.

mobile bumper repair painting San Diego

Although car bumper are made for this sole purpose to be able withstand 5mph low speed collision and protect other components from damage like hood, radiator, grille and lights. As a vehicle owner who spent your hard earned cash on your car you feel heart broken to see any types of paint or plastic scratches on your car. Even one scratch is one too many.

Easy and Fast Alternative to Body Shop Visit

To repair smaller paint scratches and dents in plastic bumpers we offer couple options for our customers. One of the options is mobile bumper repair at your home. After looking though pictures of the damage we could give you an idea if your bumper can be repaired at your location or you would have to bring your car to our body shop. To save you time you can always text your photos for instant estimate (619) 719-0838.

After booking an appointment our paint specialist will arrive to your home or work with all necessary tools, equipment and fully stocked paint color system to complete bumper repairs. The only one thing we would need from you, is to provide a working electrical outlet. Our experienced auto body expert can repair multiple paint scrapes and dents in about 3-4 hours.

If you have more severe damage to your bumper like cracks, broken tabs or damaged bumper retainers, or if you whole need bumper replacement, then we would recommend to bring your car to the shop. We are conveniently located in City Heights near Mission Valley and North Park.

Bumper Finish Collision Repair

Mobile Paint Scratch Repair Serving all San Diego County

Body Shop Location 4019 Van Dyke Ave, San Diego CA 92105

Ph: (619) 719-0838

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